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Elder Care Management in Phoenix, Verde Valley, Prescott and Quad Cities

Fred H.
Gina has been extremely helpful in managing difficult situations with my mother who insists on aging out of state, far from any family members. She keeps my sister and me informed and allows for our peace of mind. She truly cares about my mother's well-being!
Jimmi S.
ACMS and Bonnie Shimko are literal dreams come true and I can't overstate that. This group of humans are truly everything. Looking after two ailing parents by myself for a while, I'd daydream about finding a competent and kind group to help me navigate that ever-complicating world. I was in charge of meds, safety, doc visits, clinic visits, short term/long term health goals and a hurricane of worries too numerous to mention. I searched everywhere, I tried different places... in every single outfit, caregiving was a task prone to slip-ups like any profession. However, my parents health is not a task to be completed- it's a living, changing reality. It's a newborn that requires constant monitoring and adjustments. Bonnie (as well as Leoni & Andrea) are so far beyond competent and kind that it makes my head spin on a weekly basis. Each one is as engaged as a family member. They attend every doc, hospital or clinic visit, they organise & automate meds and they're prompt & lovely. We had some recent ER and hospital stays and they showed up like my parents were the most important people in the world. I can't say enough about these folks, obviously. I love them. I would ABSOLUTELY spend my days worried if I didn't have them in my corner. If you'd worried you'd never find the kind of care your parents deserve- congratulations, it exists. The craziest part? I'd sell my stuff to look after my dad... yet I can't believe how modestly they charge for this level of care. I tell ya... dream come true.
Gretchen H.
My sisters and I were struggling with living in different states than our parents, and wanting our parents to continue living in the home that they built together. Our father is experiencing dementia and our mother is his caretaker, but is also declining in health. Bonnie and her team have been instrumental in allowing them to continue to stay at home by coordinating care for our mother. They attend appointments, assist with transportation, and communication for us. Bonnie is a fabulous resource for knowing providers, home care agencies, and other resources in the community. During Covid she was instrumental in getting our mother treatment in the hospital and being her advocate we none of our family was able to be with her. Bonnie has gone above and beyond several times. I truly don't know what we would do without Bonnie and her team. I don't think mom and dad would be able to be in their home. I could not recommend Arizona Care Management Solutions more.

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Care Manager in Verde Valley, Prescott & Quad Cities, and Phoenix

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Whether you care for an aging loved one or are an older adult yourself, at Arizona Care Management Solutions we promote safety and security, dignity and independence. Aging is a multi-faceted process. To support you, we offer our expertise in the 8 categories outlined by the Aging Life Care Association.

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