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Four Ponds
Four Ponds
I have both professional and personal experience with Arizona Care Mngmt. Their team is excellent from the first phone call through receiving services. Each team member displays professionalism, respect and an obvious care for those they work with. I strongly recommend trusting this team with your own care and those you care for.- Bonnie Pond, Occupational Therapist
Amazing service!! Always willing to help and all caregivers I worked with were very nice, respectful and knowledgeable. Bonnie is a wealth of knowledge is all things related to this business of caring for elderly. My last caregiver assigned to my Aunt was Rick!!! He is amazing and very accommodating. He went above and beyond to help us both while on hospice services. He always communicated with me and kept me informed of any changes in Joyce's condition.
Ed Gardner
Ed Gardner
Assisted with Virtual Dementia Tour...what an awesome team of caring professionals I met today. Highly recommend.
Fred Haggerty
Fred Haggerty
Gina has been extremely helpful in managing difficult situations with my mother who insists on aging out of state, far from any family members. She keeps my sister and me informed and allows for our peace of mind. She truly cares about my mother's well-being!
Jimmi Simpson
Jimmi Simpson
ACMS and Bonnie Shimko are literal dreams come true and I can't overstate that. This group of humans are truly everything. Looking after two ailing parents by myself for a while, I'd daydream about finding a competent and kind group to help me navigate that ever-complicating world. I was in charge of meds, safety, doc visits, clinic visits, short term/long term health goals and a hurricane of worries too numerous to mention. I searched everywhere, I tried different places... in every single outfit, caregiving was a task prone to slip-ups like any profession. However, my parents health is not a task to be completed- it's a living, changing reality. It's a newborn that requires constant monitoring and adjustments. Bonnie (as well as Leoni & Andrea) are so far beyond competent and kind that it makes my head spin on a weekly basis. Each one is as engaged as a family member. They attend every doc, hospital or clinic visit, they organise & automate meds and they're prompt & lovely. We had some recent ER and hospital stays and they showed up like my parents were the most important people in the world. I can't say enough about these folks, obviously. I love them. I would ABSOLUTELY spend my days worried if I didn't have them in my corner. If you'd worried you'd never find the kind of care your parents deserve- congratulations, it exists. The craziest part? I'd sell my stuff to look after my dad... yet I can't believe how modestly they charge for this level of care. I tell ya... dream come true.
My sisters and I were struggling with living in different states than our parents, and wanting our parents to continue living in the home that they built together. Our father is experiencing dementia and our mother is his caretaker, but is also declining in health. Bonnie and her team have been instrumental in allowing them to continue to stay at home by coordinating care for our mother. They attend appointments, assist with transportation, and communication for us. Bonnie is a fabulous resource for knowing providers, home care agencies, and other resources in the community. During Covid she was instrumental in getting our mother treatment in the hospital and being her advocate we none of our family was able to be with her. Bonnie has gone above and beyond several times. I truly don't know what we would do without Bonnie and her team. I don't think mom and dad would be able to be in their home. I could not recommend Arizona Care Management Solutions more.
Paul Smith
Paul Smith
When it became clear my mom was rapidly declining due to alzheimer's, and in an unsafe living situation, finding Bonnie from AZ Care Management Solutions was a literal God-send to our family. For months, we were beating our heads against a wall, as we had no idea how to proceed, searching for answers, as we were battling a very controlling/abusive husband as well. When we finally found Bonnie, she took a personal interest in my mom. She listened to our issues. She gave us direction, advice and calmed our hearts with her care and expertise. The very next day she was at my mom's home assessing the situation. She then took the time to work with us on a rapid plan of escape for mom. Bonnie then coordinated, and was on scene with us with APS and PD during the rescue. After getting mom to safety, Bonnie directed us to excellent legal counsel for mom's finances, getting her the best care possible, and ensuring all was legal from her escape to conservator/guardianship. Bonnie's knowledge, experience in this arena and love for others made her and AZ Care Management Solutions a literal life saver for my mom.Since my mom needed 24 hour care, we put her in a very nice care home, and hired Gina from AZ Care Mgmt Solutions as an advocate, who also has a heart for others, and has been seeing my mom twice a week to check on her status, entertain, play games, paint fingernails, coordinate outings, etc. This take tremendous pressure off of us, who can't get there as often. Gina also has natural ability and experience to relate and connect with alzheimer's patients that we don't. My mom loves Gina, and would not have adjusted nearly as well to the change without Gina's help.Thank you and God Bless all of you at AZ Care Management Solutions.
I should have hired Bonnie so much sooner… she has just been a Godsend to us!! She is a wealth of information and tips, and a terrific Advocate.
Peter Fish
Peter Fish
I have been with Arizona Care Management Solutions 6 years and I love the company, my caregivers have been great and so helpful going out of their way to help.
Laurie Gargione
Laurie Gargione
AZ Care Management Solutions sponsored a caregiver day of renewal on 5/6/23. A vendor fair, chair massages, and presentations along with a light breakfast, lunch and giveaways were included. Thank you!
After my mom fell and broke her hip, I was alone in trying to figure out how to best care for her in this maze of what is the senior health care industry.I had been trying to pull together what felt like 1000 pieces of disparate information......places to see, insurance companies, doctors to call, forms to be filled out, questions to answer. I was completely overwhelmed and under much stress.I am so incredibly thankful that I finally called Bonnie and scheduled a consultation. She was clear, knowledgable and so understanding. She immediately started making phone calls to find out the answers to some of my questions, and knew the answers to the other ones.I ended up asking her for further help and I will be forever grateful I did.She helped me move through a very difficult time with her knowledge, presence and help. She was there when I needed her and she knew exactly what to do. And she is fair, compassionate and has great integrity.My mom is now in a perfect place for her, and it all happened with as much ease as was possible.Thank you Bonnie, and everyone else we interacted with at AZ CareManagement.I don't know how I would have managed this journey without you.
Dave Seager
Dave Seager
Bonnie and Bob at Arizona Care Management went way above and beyond in helping me place my sister in a care facility to live out her last few months. Bonnie set up a medical transport from Newport Oregon to Arizona so that my sister could spend her final days looking at the beautiful scenery she cherished so much as a park ranger. The home in Cottonwood was well staffed and professionally managed and Bonnie and Bob made sure everything ran smoothly as I am on the east coast and care coordination was difficult to manage for me. Thank you both again for all you have done for my sister and our family during this difficult time.
Enid Bailey
Enid Bailey
Professionally, ACMS has such integrity in the services they offer. Care Managers are service oriented. This has been a positive experience in the world of senior health care!
Barbara Veatch
Barbara Veatch
I own two assisted living homes in the area and have worked with Bonnie, Bob and their staff several times. They always have the best interest of their client in mind when finding a long term solution for the family. It has always been my pleasure to accept one of their clients into my home. They continue to stay in touch with the family and assist them with any need they might have.If you are in need of an Elder Care advisor, I wholeheartedly recommend Arizona Care Management Solutions! If you live out of our area, you can count on them to fill in when you can't be here in person!
Cathy Burns
Cathy Burns
I live in Massachusetts and my 92 year old dad lived in Sedona. I was called in to take over his care because he could no longer live independently. I literally did not know where to turn. A social worker recommended Bonnie and her team to me. What a relief. They helped me get the necessary paperwork to handle his affairs while also finding him a safe and loving environment where he got the care he needed. He thrived there for nearly 6 months. During that time, I was kept abreast of his health and care by Holly. He enjoyed his visits with her and the treats she brought with her! I highly recommend Arizona Care Management to anyone needing help with their loved ones. They are excellent and I’m so glad they were recommended to me.
Josh Elliott
Josh Elliott
As the owners of GENERATIONS SENIOR LIVING LLC, we have the opportunity to work with Bonnie, Bob and the rest of the team at AZ Care Management Solutions with some frequency. Bonnie is absolutely the hardest working person we know! She has the knowledge base and the support team behind her to truly advocate for your loved one and they do a very good job! From assisting with POA paperwork, in-home care, assisting with MD appointments, or actual placement of your family member into a facility...... these guys can get it done!!! We highly recommend them.... Josh and Jamie Elliott
R. E. Talton
R. E. Talton
Most of us do not have any experience or training on how to make decisions or select assisted living accommodations. This group was a life saver in selecting a care giver, legal restructuring and finding a home. This was my first time dealing with dementia and I was guided down the path with their professional staff.
Juli Dalton
Juli Dalton
When I was having a hard time getting my dad's assisted living place to respond to his needs Gina stepped in with a firm hand and made things happen on Dad's behalf. She is kind, dedicated, tenacious, and extremely experienced and knowledgeable in this field. Bonnie has helped facilitate communication between me and a family member from whom I am estranged to make sure that all family members have access to the information about Dad that they want to have. AZ Care Management has been absolutely VITAL to me in helping me get difficult things done for Dad. I can't imagine navigating these challenging waters without them.
Eugene Luke
Eugene Luke
When our daughter was moved to Cottonwood for more extensive care, my husband and I were not able to travel for frequent dr. visits. We were not able, because we are both in our 80s, to visit as frequently as we wanted. AZ Cares takes her to appointments. They also provide very personable and capable assistants who take her on outings to provide social and emotional support for her in our absence. I cannot praise them enough for the support and help they have given our daughter and us. They are a blessing to us!
Vicky Bell
Vicky Bell
Arizona Care Management Solutions did a great job keeping my mom as safe as possible in her home for the last year. Once Gina came on board, she managed to do what I thought would be impossible - she convinced my mom to transition to living arrangements that would provide the care she really needed! Gina held her hand every step of the way, even through some VERY challenging situations. This lady has a heart of gold and can get things done!
Paul Hanson
Paul Hanson
As a Geriatrics/Internal Medicine specialist I relied on Bonnie and staffto find the best outpatient care for our patients. Her heart is passionate for the care of our seniors, and regards that as her mission in life. And I wasalways confident that Care Management Solutions would find the bestoptions for our families. God bless her! Dr. Paul C. Hanson of Cottonwood Internal Medicine
Ryan Steinert
Ryan Steinert
Bonnie, Bob and the team at AZ Care Management Solutions simply go above and beyond as advocates for seniors. Whether you may need assistance coordinating care, evaluating local facilities for placement, creating a plan for aging well or many other elder care services, you will find no organization more qualified or prepared to assist you than AZ Care Management Solutions. As a local Medicare insurance broker for several years, it is paramount that my clients have the right people in their corner. I have - and will continue to - recommend Bonnie and Bob and their team to any of my clients without hesitation.


Arizona Care Management has been so essential with dealing with Mom’s struggles.  I would be overwhelmed without their help.  Several years ago, I moved to Cottonwood, Arizona to care for my mother who struggles with dementia and other health issues.  I do not know what I would do without Arizona Care Management.  They have made sure we have stayed on top of every appointment change and picked up every prescription.  I struggle with bipolar disorder and they look out for me as well.

Bonnie Shimko is a very warm, competent manager with many contacts at the hospitals, and clinics.  She is able to communicate clearly with physicians and nurses, much to the benefit of the client.  Recently, my mother fell out of bed at the assisted living home.  Bonnie called me from the emergency room where she stayed with my mother, washing the blood from her face, so that I would not be shocked when I arrived.  She was a comfort to both my mother and I.

Cecelia, another care manager for Arizona Care Management, recently made sure I repeated a mammogram.   The test resulted in having a biopsy done.  Cecelia was so supportive.  I know in my heart I would not have returned for the test without her encouraging me to do so.

…………..  Darra E.



You helped me with my mother. Agnes died on Christmas Day last year. Fortunately, she died at home with my sister and one of my brothers.

You were so helpful with advice and connecting us with the right professionals. My brothers and sister struggled through the dementia caring process as many families do, but we did OK primarily as a result of your help.

I just wanted you to know how appreciative we are of the work you do and for your kindness and compassion.

Happy holidays to you and yours. Thank you so much

Don Rowley and family.



I would like to take this opportunity to thank you & your staff for everything that you do for dad. 


It’s been 3 years since his wife died.  As you know, he wanted to stay in AZ but with him approaching 100 years old,  being legally blind and hard of hearing,  I didn’t think it was possible.  If it weren’t for the services provided by the team at Arizona Care Management, he  wouldn’t be able to stay in a place that he considers home.   


Aside from transporting and accompanying him to his medical & dental appointments, Marianne takes care of his weekly grocery shopping, and someone is always available to drop items off or check on him should he need anything in between. 

And of course, you have also been there for the simplest of things… Like having someone pop in just to say hi, see if his living space is in order, etc. 


During the pandemic,  When only medical staff was allowed in his building,  I appreciated that you stayed in communication with the staff … And when he actually got Covid,  you stayed in touch with the administrator and the nurses to make sure his needs were being met … 

and he survived Covid ! 


So again, I would like to thank all of you for taking care of his needs, particularly during these last 15 months.  Living so far away from him is difficult, but I rest well at night knowing that dad is surrounded by caring professionals… You are truly heroes and you are all so appreciated !!



Jan C.


The entire team at Arizona Care Management has become like a part of our family.  They’ve been with us for years as my dad’s dementia has progressed and required more care and attention.  They have been great communicators and really held my hand through this whole stage of my dad’s life.  Living 2 states away, they have been instrumental in keeping me informed and confident that I’ve been doing what’s in his best interests.  Recently, the dementia progressed and we decided to move him to a permanent care facility which also meant selling his house.  I had no idea what to do.  They arranged a realtor, an estate sale, documents, procedures, everything.  I was so worried and quickly found I was in even better hands than I had originally known.  They took care of everything with me.  I couldn’t have done this without them.  They are the consummate examples of professional, courteous and knowledgeable. I would recommend them to anyone who has a loved one requiring more attention than you are able to give them.

…………………….  Mark D.



I remember listening to Bonnie at a meeting in Prescott many years ago, discussing the care of elders.  I was impressed with her humor and knowledge.  Many years later in 2017, I met her outside a care facility where my sister was staying.  We chatted a little bit and again I was impressed with her humor, but more so her kindness.  I asked her to assist me with the care of my older sister.  With her help, we were able to set up a Durable Mental Health Care POA document and a Living Will document.  During the Covid -19 Pandemic, Bonnie was able to get my sister a Covid test with an immediate response and thus get her into a safer  environment.

During the pandemic, I was not allowed to visit with my sister, but Bonnie and her group of care managers were able to see and take care of some of her needs.

During that time,  I was kept informed by her kind and friendly office help.

…………………….Sandra Bueckert


It has been my sincere appreciation to have association with Arizona Care Management for several years.  My husband, Eldon Bills, first needed their help before he passed away in December 2018.  Since then I have been the recipient of their assistance.  Bonnie Shimko has been my closest contact, but I am aware that other members of the organization have shown the same regards for all their clients/patients that Bonnie has always shown my family. Love, Compassion, Caretaking Knowledge. All involved have made my life run smoother than so many other seniors I currently know here at Touchmark. I pray God will always bless their work.

…………………………..   Marilyn Bills



The AZ Care Management Team is an awesome resource to the Verde Valley Community and more.  The professional care, trust , and compassion for others shines in the support and services they provide.

I am so grateful for their ongoing communication, follow up, and truly amazing work their team provides on a consistent basis.  Many times I am not sure what our community would do without them.

Thank You Bonnie, Bob, and the entire Arizona Care Management team for always going the extra step, extra mile,  and extra days to provide quality excellent care management.


Deanna Marques RN, BSN



Arizona Care Management Solutions:

The family of Bobby Lucas thanks Arizona Care Management Solutions for the tender care they provided to our mother as she completed her journey in this life.  We wanted to give our mother some of her quality of life by staying in her home at first and later in care facilities while we lived in other parts of the United States.  AZCMS enabled us to do this by helping her with medications, doctor appointments, and other needs, as well as being the primary advocate when my mother found herself in the hospital.

AZCMS helped my mother transition to her new home situations, monitoring her care and treating her with respect and considerations.  She always talked about how nice everyone was even though she “didn’t need help” (she did). AZCMS also gave our family professional advice based on their experience, which helped us to make decisions as a family unit, which has brought us closer together.

We appreciate AZCMS for helping our loved ones when they need it the most.  Thank you!



Your help to Bob and I during his final days means so much !!  Your knowledge about care facilities, your great relationships with management and caregivers, and your advocacy on behalf of Bob at all hours of the day resulted in Bob’s receiving the best care possible.  In turn, knowing that he was well cared for has given me peace of mind.

Bob was able to pass away in a beautiful setting after hearing words of love from me and the rest of his family.  We’re all grateful to you for your support during this journey.  Bless you for the work you do and the comfort you bring.

…. Helen Knoll



Dear Bob,

I am writing to extend a most sincere thank you for paying forward the copy of Elizabeth Bewley’s “When I’m 94” to me in our meeting last fall. The copy has since been forwarded to my friend Susan, a vibrant 78 years young, who is assisting her sister, age 86, in locating an independent living residential location in northern Arizona. I believe that same copy will find itself being payed forward once again to others where ever it is her sister calls home in northern Arizona. I have also ordered Elizabeth Bewley’s “Killer Cure” which I am certain I will be forwarding once I share it’s contents with my friend Susan, an accomplished, now retired insurance professional and former agency owner.

After our appointment last fall, our family had suffered an unimaginable loss of our grandchild who was to be born this April, along with our daughter nearly losing her life. Needless to say, my husband of 32 years and I have made family our first and only priority for as long as we see necessary. Our other two children, who also live out of state, had close call experiences with health issues shortly after this immeasurable loss, which had us traveling extensively to each of them end of 2019. We live in gratitude today as our family comes together in healing with a hopeful trajectory forward.

Thank you once again for your generosity of spirit, your willingness to serve, your interest in furthering wellness among those who have lived independently, and served, who wish to continue to do so well into their later years, along with those who require special services as they grow toward life’s fulfillment. It was a true pleasure meeting you. I will refer others to you and Bonnie as I regularly come in contact with many in our neighborhood and community here in the Village of Oak Creek who wish to remain in their home and are rapidly approaching late 80’s and 90 year trips around the sun. May you and your family continue to be blessed in the coming year.

In Gratitude and Service,




It is somewhat uncommon for me to write business testimonials but for Arizona Care Management, I am happy to make an exception. For the record, it has been my personal experience that Bonnie Shimko and her team of senior living care professionals are fully competent and supremely dedicated to their craft. Simply put, they know their stuff and they utilize their superior knowledge to the best interest of their client’s needs as a matter of routine. Their valuable and perhaps unequalled compendium of senior care advisory services to our beloved seniors is both noteworthy and distinct – and I am happy that they chose this region to call their home. I am therefore, without hesitation, happy to provide a full endorsement of Bonnie Shimko and her team at Arizona Care Management and I highly recommend their services to anyone who is looking for competent, compassioned and professional advice as it relates to on-going senior care in the Verde Valley and North Central Arizona.

Gary R Wilsher

Owner / Executive Director

Carefree Assisted Living




I have found that the team at Arizona Care Management have been extremely helpful for my wife and I as we care for her Mother from a distance. While we wish we could be there for her it is a great comfort to know that we have a qualified resource for anything she may need. We would highly recommend Arizona Care Management to come along side anyone needing extra support as they care for aging parents or loved ones.

……  R McKee



I cannot say enough about the services that my parents received from Arizona Care Management. Bonnie and her very capable and kind staff gave my parents a quality of life in their last four years that would not have been possible without their diligence and expertise.

Like many frustrated and anxious daughters, I was trying to take care of the parents I love from across the country. Arizona Care Management saved me many sleepless nights and assisted my parents in ways that I did not even know we were going to need. They were the height of professionalism, while at the same time making my parents feel cared for and cherished. You could not ask for more!

…. K Langley  Lakewood, OH


Dear Bonnie,

Thank you for all you did to ease the final month’s of Dad’s life. You were always available and ready with a plan when we had nowhere to go. Your counseling and connections made all the difference. I know there were some disagreements on how to proceed, and I hope that you know how much we valued and benefitted from your experience and connections. It was an overwhelming time and I hope that our gratitude did not get lost in the bustle of everything. Love and peace to you Bonnie – L.


12.20.2018  Laurie Bartlett:

Arizona Care Management Solutions has been our family’s salvation for the last 5 years!
When caring for a sick or elderly loved one, no one can do everything necessary by themselves. Whether you are acting as Power-Of-Attorney, providing doing day-to-day physical care, or both, being a caregiver is an extremely time consuming and emotional experience.
Before moving to Arizona with my very elderly parents, I had acted as both POA and caregiver for 6 other relatives in states from coast to coast. I was acutely aware of what the responsibility entailed. When I assumed sole responsibility for my parents, I had just retired, had lost my only sibling to a debilitating disease and was moving both myself and my parents to a new area of the country. Facing all of these challenges at once was daunting!
I met Bonnie Shimko as she was starting her business. Having been educated in caregiving by past experience, I knew at once that my family would benefit greatly from Bonnie’s caring nature, her vast wealth of knowledge and her competent professionalism. Over the course of our relationship with Arizona Care Management, we have been fortunate to work with not only Bonnie, but many of her capable staff as well. All have gone beyond the normal scope of their jobs to provide help at any time of the day or night as we have needed it!
Over time, my elderly parent’s needs naturally changed, but no matter how simple or complex the situation, Bonnie and her staff unfailingly provided the sound advise and the swift help necessary to meet our challenges.
Additionally, their system of communication with clients has been wonderful! When I needed to know the details of what was happening with my parents in my absence, someone was always available for a consultation. I was regularly sent detailed notes about events or observations relating to what the staff had witnessed. Because of this communication, I was able to make decisions for my parents and to do so with total confidence and peace of mind!
For those who are wondering about the financial aspects of care management, I can say that these services were very affordable and that, for us, they were priceless beyond measure in terms of the unwavering personal commitment and caring attitude shown to both my parents and myself.
Arizona Care Management allowed my parents to have a level of care that was not available to my other relatives in the past, and for that I will always be grateful! My parents are both gone now, and while I will certainly miss them, I will also miss greatly our “second family” at Arizona Care Management. Simply said, they are “the best”!

Please Note: Arizona Care Management Solutions does not specifically endorse the activities of any organizations mentioned, but offers their information as a sample of the kinds of services that are available.